Transfer fee

The Avosend commission for most destinations is fixed -  49 RUB.

Special offers:
  • From Russia to Uzbekistan - 19 RUB
  • From Uzbekistan to Russia– 4999 UZS
  • Receiving cash – 0 RUB
  • Transfers within Russia: 49.00 RUB for transfers up to 5000.00 RUB; 1.00% for transfers more than 5000.01 RUB
  • From Russia to Tajikistan: 29.00 RUB for transfers up to 5800.00 RUB; 0.50% for transfers more than 5800.01 RUB
The sending and receiving amounts, as well as  the Avosend fee, are displayed at the stage of entering the transaction amount.

Please note that the Avosend fee does not include possible additional charges from your bank.

The final receiving amount depends on the conditions of the provision of services of a particular bank and the current exchange rate. Avosend has a special offer for many destinations, in which the exchange rate varies depending on the transfer amount: the larger the amount, the more profitable the rate is for you. We recommend to compare rates during the day - most often our exchange rates turn out to be the most profitable. 

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