"Invite friends" bonus program

Please be informed that currently this bonus program is available only for customers from Russia.
According to the terms of this program, you can invite new users (relatives, friends, etc.) by sharing your invite code with them.
You and your invited friend will receive 150 RUB for each of the first three transfers of your friend. You and your friend can get 450 bonuses each.
Moreover, for every fifth invited friend who makes a transfer, you will receive additional 500 Bonuses.

Bonuses are awarded only for money transfers from 5000 RUB made with Avosend fee. Bonuses are not awarded for transfers within Russia.
The amount received can be withdrawn to a Russian bank card or account without commission. The minimum amount of bonuses for withdrawal is 99 RUB.
The number of invited friends is unlimited.

You can read more about our bonus program here https://cloud.avosend.com/web/docs/ru_bonus_offer.pdf

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