How can I change my phone number?

Please note that you can change your phone number yourself only if there is no account registered on the new phone number. Both phone numbers must belong to the same country and the same user.
You can change the phone number in the "Personal info" section of your profile:
  • Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner (in the application) or next to the phone number (on the website)
  • Enter your new phone number and confirm it with a code from an SMS message
If you have already registered an account on a new phone number, please contact us via our online chat. Please note that in order to process your request we may need the following information:
  • Old and new phone numbers in international format (with country code)
  • A photo or color scan of your domestic or international passport
  • Your email address linked to the old account
  • The number of the last transfer made from your old account (or its date and amount)

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