How can I send a cash transfer via Unistream?

  1. Select the recipient's country. Please note that your transfer will be available for receiving at any cash pick-up point in the selected country.
  2. Enter your recipient's full name in Latin. We recommend entering the name as indicated in the recipient's document, which will be provided to receive cash. If there is a patronymic in the document, it must be specified. 
  3. Enter the transfer amount. At this stage, you will see the information about the exchange rate and our fee. Please note that the exchange rate is determined on the Unistream side. Transfers via Unistream are carried out without the Avosend fee. You can also view the information about available pick-up points by clicking on the "Pick-up points" option.
  4. Enter your details: full name, date of birth, passport details, address. Please note that all data must be entered as indicated in your Russian internal passport. 
  5. Select how to pay for your transfer and confirm it.
  6. Shortly after sending the transfer, you will receive an SMS message with the transfer control number (transfer id) for receiving cash. You will also see this number in the transaction information by selecting the desired transfer from the list of transactions. You need to share this number with the recipient. The number is generated within a few minutes.
  7. After sharing the number with the recipient he/she can go to the nearest cash pick-up point. Your recipient will need to provide an identity document, to specify the transfer control number (transfer id), transfer's amount and receiving currency. We also recommend that the recipient contact the selected cash pick-up point in advance and clarify whether the necessary amount of cash is available to receive. 

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