How can my recipient receive a cash transfer?

Your recipient can receive cash at any cash pick-up point of the country which was selected by the sender when making a transfer. We recommend that the recipient contact the selected cash pick-up point in advance and clarify whether the necessary amount of cash in the selected currency is available to receive. 

To receive cash, your recipient need to go to one of the cash pick-up points and provide the following information:
  1. An identity document. The exact list of documents which can be provided by the recipient depends on the receiving country. This information can be found on the Unistream official website or directly at the selected cash pick-up point.
  2. The transfer control number (transfer id). The sender must share this number with the recipient. 
  3. The transfer's amount and receiving currency. Transfers to the following countries are currently available:
  • Armenia (AMD)
  • Serbia (EUR)
  • Moldova (USD)
  • Greece (EUR)
  • Cyprus (EUR)
Please note that in some countries receiving cash is only possible in the local currency. You can check this information directly at the cash pick-up point or by contacting the Unistream support service.

The recipient can receive cash within 180 calendar days starting from the date of making a transfer. If the transfer has not been cashed out by the recipient within 180 days, it can be received only by the sender for 2.5 years.

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