Is it possible to cancel a successful transfer?

Avosend is not entitled to make refunds after you have confirmed the transaction and requested the issuing bank to debit a certain amount of funds from your bank card.

If you have made a mistake when entering any recipient's data, but the transfer has the "sent" status, it means that the recipient's bank have already accepted the funds for crediting. The information you provided has been sufficient.

Banks use the ‘Luhn’ algorithm to verify that the card is valid. If the recipient's bank confirms that the bank card exists, the funds will be accepted for crediting and the transfer will be successful.

Please be careful when entering the recipient's data.

In the vast majority of cases, funds are credited instantly, but sometimes the recipient's bank may need more time to process an incoming transfer. The maximum allowed period is 3 full working days, however, as a rule, the funds are credited much faster.

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