What if funds were debited for a failed transfer?

If the recipient's bank declines a transfer, the funds are automatically returned to the sender's card. Sometimes it may take a while. There are two possible situations:
  • Your card has been debited. In this case, your bank may need from a few minutes to 3 full working days to credit the refund to your card.
  • There was no debit from your card, the funds were blocked. After the recipient's bank had declined the transfer, we automatically notified your bank that the transfer amount on your card must be unblocked. This operation is called reversal. The exact terms of unblocking funds depend directly on your bank. You can clarify these terms in the card processing department of your bank.
You can check whether there was a refund or reversal in the transfer information section. To do this, please log in to your Avosend account and select a necessary transaction in the "Transfers" section.

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