"Failed" status

This status can mean the following:
  • Your bank declined debiting from your card. It is possible that your bank considered the transaction unusual (for example, the transfer amount is too large) or there are some restrictions on your bank's side. We recommend that you contact your bank to clarify why your transfer was declined.
  • We received a refusal from the recipient's bank to credit the funds. The recipient must contact their bank and clarify why the transfer was rejected.
  • The transfer was not confirmed because you did not enter a 3Ds code or entered it incorrectly. If you do not receive a 3Ds code or the page for entering this code does not open, you need to contact your bank and clarify whether there are difficulties with confirming transfers with the 3Ds code.
The transfer may also be rejected by Avosend for the following reasons:
  • In order to prevent potentially fraudulent or unsafe transactions.
  • Due to exceeding the limits on debiting/crediting the funds. You can find the information on the limits of our service in the "Limits" section.

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