How to send transfers safely?

Sending money via Avosend is safe.

Avosend is authorized and regulated by:
  • “MIR”,  “China UnionPay” and other local payment systems
  • CBR - Central Bank of Russia
All payments from cards that support 3D Secure technology are authorized through your bank using a security code or an online password.

All ports and access points of websites are encrypted at the SSL level.

To make transactions from your bank card safe, do not tell anyone the full details of your bank card: card number, cardholder's name, expiry date, CVV/CVC code.

To use Avosend service safely, do not share with anyone the following information:
  • Your individual password for logging in to the Avosend application
  • One-time login code received from Avosend via SMS
  • Your mobile phone with Avosend application open
  • Your SIM card
If you suspect that third parties have gained access to your Avosend account, or you have discovered suspicious payments in your transaction history, please inform us immediately via our online chat.

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